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Our Senior Team

Board of Trustees

Dr. Said Bakir

MD, MSc Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Said Bakir is the Director of Integral Medical Group in London, he has a long history in community service, and is currently a member of the Board of Trustees of Imam Ali Foundation and an active member in the Family Affairs Committee in addition to Imam Kadhim (as) Caravan, and the Iraqi Medical Group which are charitable committees that provide medical services free of charge to vulnerable communities in the UK and the Middle East.

Akeel Al Warraq

MSc Management of Information Systems, MA Islamic Studies, MSc Islamic Jurisprudence

Akeel is a management consultant and a senior lecturer in business development and operations in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. He is also interested in researching topics on Islamic banking contracts and finance, and Islamic jurisprudence pertaining to family affairs.

Furat Al Yassin

MBA, PhD student

Furat is an entrepreneur and director of his own companies, he attained an MBA from LSE, and currently leading a research project at Cass Business School’s Department of Management, that seeks to improve the organisational effectiveness of educational institutions that operate in fragile environments. He is active in several community projects around youth development and children in the UK and abroad.

Board of Directors

Sheikh Ali Abbas Yusufi

Director of Islamic Education

Sheikh Ali was raised in the UK. A graduate of Law from the University of Westminster, he started his Islamic studies journey in London under the guidance of his father H.E. Sheikh Zafar Abbas. From 2009 to 2018 he studied at the Islamic seminary (Hawza) in the holy city of Najaf. In his final years there, he attended senior studies sessions (Bahth al-Kharij) under the guidance of a number of grand scholars including:

* Shaykh Muhammad Baqir al-Ayrwani (Usool)
* Shaykh Muhammad Ishaq al-Fayyadh (Usool)
* Shaykh Hadi Aal-Radhi (Fiqh)
* Sayyid Muhammad Redha al-Sistani (Fiqh)

Ali Jaffri

MSc Information Technology, MA Islamic Studies student

Ali is a Fellow of the British Computer Society (BCS) and a Chartered IT Professional.  Having worked in various senior management roles within the Housing, Transport, Education and Non-Profit sector, he currently manages the IT Operations for a Healthcare Charity and also runs his own Consultancy business. He has been involved in teaching and training for the last 10 years and has a passion for enhancing the quality of educational activities. Ali’s other interests and expertise include Management Consultancy, Web Development, Information Security, Compliance, Process improvements, Project Management and Solution design.

Azra F. Naqvi

MA, Doctor of Arts in Educational Leadership

Sr. Azra has an academic background in education leadership, accounting, and social work. She is the Principal / Founding Member of Hadi School of Excellence, USA. She is also a member of the Teacher Preparation Advisory Board, at the National College of Education, National Louis University, a member of Adviory Board for Rise Academy, USA and board member of Council of Islamic School of North America (CISNA)

Head Teacher

Zulekha Hirji

MEd, Masters of Arts in Education

Zulekha has over 16 years of experience within education and an academic background in both accounting and education. She attained her Masters in Education from the Institute of Education at UCL. She has worked with children and young people in both religious and secular settings in London and Dubai. She has extensive teaching experience and has worked with children across the spectrum from Early Years to secondary school. She is actively involved with the Shia Ithnasheri Madressa and has had extensive experience in leadership roles in London and Dubai. Zulekha feels strongly about children experiencing education in a way that enables them to reach their full potential.