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Full-time Online School with Islamic Ethos

Through vibrant daily virtual classes, we currently deliver the English National Curriculum to over 130 students from 15 cities within the UK, in addition to students from the Middle East & Africa.

We have integrated into our program an Islamic Education curriculum, complimented by a host of enrichment hub based group activities, and a Wellbeing Program that cares for both parents & students.

Online Education

We deliver the English National curriculum by qualified and experienced teachers to achieve academic excellence

Islamic Education

We nurture our students’ spiritual development, under the guidance of senior scholars from established institutions

Hub Activities

We facilitate social, educational, and sporting activities to build long-lasting bonds & enrich our students’ learning journeys

An Innovative & Spiritual Journey to Success!

Jaffaria Academy is a charitable project that provides a holistic high-quality education service based on 4 pillars: The National Curriculum, Islamic Education, Hub Activities, and Wellbeing Program.


A broad and balanced curriculum using the latest technology


Nurture a solid Islamic faith and identity under the guidance of senior scholars


Inculcate traditional family values and the love of AhlulBayt (as)


Develop community members capable of active civic participation.


Cultivate the principles of respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence


Develop physical and mental health well-being.

Discover our Academy

Jaffaria Academy is a full-time British online school that delivers the English National curriculum, taught by qualified and experienced teachers, in parallel with an Islamic Education Program supervised by our resident scholars; in addition to a wellbeing program that addresses the needs of both students and their parents, and a host of Hub Activities that builds our students’ physical and social skills.

Jaffaria Academy will provide the following services:

  • Quality Online Education
  • Spiritual Development
  • Physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing
  • Parents Support

Online Education

English National Curriculum

Latest Technology

Islamic Education

Hub Activities

Healthy Lifestyle

Family Values

Lasting Friendships