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Mothers at Jaffaria Academy looked back on their journey this year and shared their thoughts and reflections…



Jaffaria Academy has exceeded our expectations, the teachers seem extremely proficient and passionate about their work, and our son is very happy! We are very thankful to those who established the Jaffaria Academy to have given us this amazing educational platform, so we can be assured that our son receives the best education as well as instilling of Islamic values. 

Parent of Mohammed Ridha, Year 4

Salam I hope u are well. I just wanted to message you to say that mashaAllah today went amazingly well!! Ali Mahdi really really enjoyed the entire day. His teacher is wonderful as well as the Arabic teacher! We were so amazed at how things went so smoothly despite it just being the second day! mashaAllah!!
Thank you so much for all yours and your teams hard work! So so so happy that Ali Mahdi is lucky enough to have joined such a wonderful school

Parent of Alimahdi, Year 3

Zaynab had a lovely week. She’s been challenged and stimulated.. and I see her wanting to work hard. It’s really nice alhamd. ❤ I pray for your success iA. And pray your efforts are accepted. Your reward lies only with Allah 😍

Parent of Zaynab, Year 4

Alhamdulilah they loved it. We cannot give enough duas to you and your team. May Allah bless you abundantly. We are very encouraged by the teachers’ efforts mashallah and today Friday meet the scholar was fantastic alhamdulilah. May Allah send this school to much greater heights. Ameen

Parent of Hasan & Husain, Year 1

It’s already been a week at Jaffaria Academy and what an exciting first week it’s been! To keep a 12yr old young man engaged every day, all week is an achievement if anything is! Alhamdilla, teachers are friendly, students are polite and administrators are very helpful. Thank you for everything so far!

Parent of Hadi, year 8

All praise be to Allah swt who blessed us with the opening of Jaffaria Academy, which has been a great benefit for my daughter Zainab in terms of her understanding of the lessons, as we noticed that it is better than every year. Her great harmony with the teachers, her learning of technology skills on the computer, communication by e-mail and zoom, and most of all she receives religious education in an interesting and smooth way during the lessons and the morning Assembly. Supporting this project is absolutely righteous, and this project must be supported in every way to grow, so that the benefit will spread to all.

Parent of Zainab, Year 9

Salam Just wanted to Let you know, you folks are doing a phenomenal job. So glad Azra is in good hands, she absolutely loves her her teachers! Duas & wishes, may Allah bless you all for this sincere initiative…

Parent of Azra Fatima, Year 5

I closely followed the launch of our blessed school (Jaffaria), and I was overwhelmed with happiness and great joy at the strong start of this young institution. And in it appears the hands of divine support and the blessings of the Prophet and his family, peace be upon them. I saw in it the outstanding bid by the teachers and the administration staff .. High spirit .. great giving … and continuous accentuation. We ask God for more success for those working for this project. This experience requires us to stand firmly behind it and support it in order for it to be a model, and play the desired role it was intended to achieve. Great thanks to the founders, the team and the supporters …

Parent of Fatima, Year 5

Salams. Eid Mubarak. Jummah Mubarak and other than that I have no words for the zyarat today. Speechless at how much you all love these children dearly. May Imam al Muttaqeen as bless you and your families and raise your spiritual ranks. Ameen

Parent of Hasan & Husain, Year 1

I just wanted to give you an update. I had my conversation with Buckinghamshire council following on from sending them the information. The man I spoke to was most impressed and found the website and resources “really smart”, as he said. He was actually speechless and was thanking me for attending the call, as there wasn’t much more he could advise me on as “Jaffaria Academy have taken care of everything!” SubhanAllah, what an achievement, all the tireless efforts of the team have created an amazing facility to assist our children and ensure they are nurtured in all areas, Alhamdulillah! May this wonderful project keep flourishing and the sweet blessings of the Almighty (SWT) shower upon you all, Insha’Allah Ameen! Thank you so much for supporting me with this, you have been so helpful! May Allah (SWT) reward you immensely 🙏.. Ameen!

Parent of Aabis, Year 6 & Zaynab, Year 3