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Students at Jaffaria Academy looked back on their journey this year and shared their thoughts and feelings…

…I love the clubs, Friday assembly, Taekwondo and story time!

Year 1 student

My favourite thing is computer science where I can learn typing and so much more. It’s so much fun!!!

Year 2 student

I like the creativeness and activity in all the lessons, science is really cool and fun and English is really fun too. I think creative curriculum is really fun and I love learning about the rivers Allah has created and how rivers form. Although Arabic is not my first language, I still have fun leaning it. I enjoy learning different mathematical problems in maths.

Year 3 Student

Everybody is kind and I learn so so so so so so so much!

Year 4 Student

My teacher Miss Hashim is the best teacher ever! She is always so much fun to be with she is understanding fun and really kind

Year 5 student

I love Sports! I’m 100% going to come every week!

Year 5 student

The teachers have a really fun way of teaching

Year 6 student

My favourite things are the teachers and the amazing happy environment. I also enjoy how we learn things when we don’t even realise since we’re just having fun.

Year 7 student

You can go to any place while still in school.

Year 7 student

Teachers are extremely supportive and prepare lots of visual activities and learning.

Year 7 student

The experience is something I have never been through before and I get to learn around a Shia Muslim community.

Year 8 student

I love to learn at Jaffaria academy because the work is hard at first but when my teachers explain it I understand. I also love it because we have a platform to access all our learning resources so I am prepared for my lessons.

Year 8 student

Meeting my friends every week at sports is so fun! I can’t wait for Fridays so we can see each other!

Year 8 student

Jaffaria academy is a good school, it has been one of the best schools of my life…

Year 9 student

My favourite thing about the academy is the taekwondo club and the mentoring sessions

Year 9 student