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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the legal status of Jaffaria Academy?

A: Jaffaria Academy UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), (Registered Charity Number 1200140)

Q: Is Jaffaria Academy an accredited school?

A: In June 2020, after months of consultations, the Department for Education (DfE) created an online school accreditation scheme which was scheduled to begin in September 2020. Subsequently, we are in contact with the DfE to start the accreditation process.

Please note, we follow the English National Curriculum and we prepare our students for the official examinations (SATs/GCSE).

GCSE’s are internationally recognised exams, therefore our priority is to ensure our students receive the highest quality education in the best learning environment to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Q: What will be the legal status of my child when we register with your school?

A: UK law allows parents to home educate their children, and more than 70,000 students are being home educated in the UK from all communities. Accordingly, when your child joins our school, you will have to notify your child’s current school of your intention to home educate your child. Once this happens, the school will notify your local council that your child is being home educated. This is a seamless process and we will provide you with step by step guidance.

School de-registration letter

Q: Who owns Jaffaria Academy and what is their remuneration?

A: Jaffaria Academy is a non-profit organisation which is entrusted to a Board of Trustess. They come from diverse professional backgrounds and work in this project on voluntary basis and do not receive any form of remuneration.

Q: How are executive decisions made at Jaffaria Academy?

A: There are multiple levels of management at Jaffaria Academy that decide on matters pertaining to their specific defined roles in accordance with our policies. This facilities  multiple levels of oversight, such as Board of Trustees and the Senior Management Team in addition to stringent Quality Assurance mechanisms.

Q: Is Jaffaria Academy officially or unofficially affiliated with any other organisation or individual?

A: Jaffaria Academy is not affiliated with any individual or organisations. The school is a UK based charitable educational institution.  Jaffaria Academy is an apolitical, independent organisation that aims to enrich British society and the wider community with law abiding professionals and future leaders.

Q: On matters related to Islamic law, who’s opinions do you follow from amongst the current Islamic Scholars?

A: We follow the opinions and take spiritual guidance from His Eminence Sayed Ali Al-Sistani. We respect ALL our scholars and welcome them to Jaffaria Academy where our students can benefit from their expertise and guidance.

Q: Which academic calendar do you follow?

A: We follow the UK school term dates, that is from September to July. And we accommodate elements of the Islamic calendar, such as the Holy Month of Ramadan, and the Day of Ashura. 

Q: What are you going to teach my child and how?

A: We deliver the English National Curriculum, in addition to Islamic education, the Holy Quran, and Arabic. Our teaching and learning resources and syllabus are sourced from the following institutions: The Oxford University Press, Rising Stars, MCE Tarbiyah Curriculum, and a host of other reputable organisations. Within our curriculum we have integrated Islamic education based on the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt (a.s). At Jaffaria Academy we nurture the mental health, and the well-being of our students and their families by organising workshops and seminars, delivered by specialists, as well as providing a warm and safe learning environment where our students can thrive.

We offer live virtual online lessons from Monday to Friday. This year we had students in structured classes from Years 1 to 10.

Q: Will Jaffaria Academy provide all the educational resources for my child?

A: Upon registration, our students get sent a comprehensive Welcome Pack that includes all the necessary resources that they need.

We provide the educational resources and the IT platforms.

Q: How will my child be evaluated and supported?

A: Teachers monitor their student’s progress through:

  • homework
  • assessments for learning
  • end of unit tests
  • end of term assessments
  • projects etc

Students who show advanced skill levels will be assessed and accelerated.

Those who have areas of improvement will have interventions set for their progress and development.

Q: Will there be physical meetings with the teachers or is the teaching only online?

A: Physical and social development is vital to the holistic growth of children.

The model that Jaffaria Academy is built on, ensures that our students have the opportunities to meet their teachers, friends and members of our wider community during:

  • weekly sports hub (Fridays 2pm – 5pm)
  • Jaffaria Football Club
  • JA Social
  • family day and many more


Q: Do you have a safeguarding policy?

A: We have an extensive Safeguarding Policy. All our team members have enhanced DBS checks.


Q: Does Jaffaria Academy’s approach contradict British Values?

A: We aim to enrich the British society and the wider community with compassionate individuals who will add value, through their professional contribution, in addition to  being respectful, tolerant and peaceful members of society.