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Hub Activity

Jaffaria Academy will offer the following enrichment Hub Activities. Most of the activities are intended to be physical (in-person) and take place on evenings and weekends and aim to develop various skills sets within our students in addition to building friendships and bonds amongst them.


Jaffaria Football Club

We believe in the power of sports to build bridges and positive community spirit. We plan to reach out to parents who will be interested to get involved in this fun and exciting journey.

In this context, we have joined forces with Stanmore Jaffreys Football Academy who will be our guide and mentor to establishing our own Boys football club and Girls football club, to know more about Stanmore Jaffreys journey please follow this link


Taekwondo Club

Lead: Mahdi Rahnama (For Boys) & Mitra Kheyri & Sama Rahnama (For Girls)

Learn Self-defense, become fit and healthy with Grand Master Mohammad Mahdi Rahnama 7th Dan Black Belt, World Taekwondo and British Taekwondo qualified Instructor, & Coach of Two World Champions & 8 British champions. while Girls will be lead by Mitra Kheyri 2nd Dan Black Belt and Sama Rahnama under 10 years old World Champion (South Korea – 2019).


Jaffaria Arts Club

Lead: Hasan Raza

This club will inspire our children to be creative and imaginative. Br. Hasan will lead the students into developing their artistic skills through a three step journey.

Level 1: Exploring the basics: having fun with painting, colouring and line drawing
Level 2: Create your own stories using your imagination and bring them to life through Art
Level 3: Create organic and inorganic Art inspired by real life and your imagination.


Jaffaria Social Club

Lead: Mustafa Masood & Team

The aim of the club is to create a Muslim friendly social meeting for the Jaffaria Academy students. We aim to promote the development of the students and help them achieve their full potential combining both social skills and teaching of the prophet Mohammed and his holy progeny.


Entrepreneurship Club

Lead: a group of community business leaders

Throughout the year we plan to hold lessons, workshops and events that promote Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education which will cover topics such as opportunity & idea generation, business model creation, business planning, personal finance and business challenges, these topics and activities aim to stimulate creative thinking, opportunity assessment, and development of entrepreneurship spirit within our students.


Computer Science Club

Lead: Hawra Milani

The demand for computer-literate graduates has continuously increased over the last decade, and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. It is estimated that within the next 5 years, the UK will have a shortage of about 400,000 IT positions available. This provides a great opportunity for students to enter a field with strong work prospects and career advancements.

At Jaffaria Academy, we care for a well-rounded schooling, and want to ensure that students will benefit from an education in line with the latest developments in the field. We aim to establish a mindset that changes them from consumers to creators, and keep them on the forefront of the latest technology changes.

The computer science curriculum will be based on the UK National Curriculum along with industry-specific training by specialist IT professionals that will enhance both the academic and the practical applications of the subject. The students will be taught foundational computer science knowledge and skills including online safety, computational logic, algorithms, programming, and web design.

Both the topics and the teaching methods will be updated based on the latest research in the field of computing education, and each Key Stage will be taught the essential skills based on their ability and level.


Creative Writing Club

Lead: Zahra Milani

Great orators infiltrate our Islamic history. Starting from the prophets of the Almighty and following through with our beloved Imams, their holy mothers, sisters and children, we have numerous traditions that guide and encourage us to seek knowledge and transmit what we have learnt to others. What cannot be dismissed, is that all great orators also have the ability to write their thoughts down in a creative and persuasive manner.

Once a week, your child will attend the Creative Writing Club to ensure that they learn the methodology and science behind expressing their opinion and thoughts in a matter that suits their ability.

Their work will be marked and edited and they will then be encouraged to verbally share their writing with others in the club.

A competition will be held at the end of each term, where students will compete with one another in reading out their creative writing; be it in the shape of a poem, speech or narrative writing.