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Our Ethos


“I do not wish to see the young ones amongst you except in two states: either a learned scholar or a learning student”

Imam Jaffar al-Sadiq (as)

Through providing high-quality holistic education, we aspire to nurture life-long learners to become leaders, role models and professionals, who serve the global community, by embodying the values of the holy Quran and AhlulBayt (as).


“O, Believer! knowledge and good manners are the value of your soul so strive to learn them, for however much your knowledge and good manners increase, so will your value and worth accordingly”

 Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)

Jaffaria Academy strives for excellence in all areas by providing a high-quality online education accessible to students in the UK and abroad. By recognising our students’ individual aptitude, we facilitate holistic learning journeys to enable them to reach their full potential. 

Our students are taught by a caring team of qualified and experienced teachers and have access to outstanding educational resources.

At Jaffaria Academy, our student’s physical, social, spiritual and moral development is cultivated by an environment anchored in the love and teachings of AhlulBayt (as), to foster respect, tolerance, and peaceful coexistence, guided by esteemed scholars.


“Four people are rewarded when seeking knowledge: The one who asks questions, the one who speaks, the one who listens and the one who loves them”

Imam Jaffar al-Sadiq (as)