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About Us

The Name

The academy has been named Jaffaria in reference to Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (as) to reflect its “Jaffari” identity, which stems out of the love of AhlulBayt (as).

Imam Jaffar Al-Sadiq (as) was most famous for his role in institutionalising various forms of knowledge. Therefore, it was meaningful to associate our academy to his blessed name.

The word “Sadiq” in Arabic means truthful, and this is the core character of individuals who we aspire to nurture through our academy, i.e. proactive Muslims who add value to British society through their honesty and good character, and who embody the principle of “speaking truth through deeds not words” Imam Al-Sadiq (as).

The Project

Jaffaria Academy is a charitable project that delivers a holistic high-quality education service that is affordable and accessible to all community members. It aims to nurture Islamic values in individuals and prepare them for modern life in Britain so they can grow up to enrich society with role models, professionals and leaders, who embody the highest level of integrity.

We will deliver the English National Curriculum, incorporating largely the Department for Education’s (DfE) “Online Education Standards”, using the best online educational resources available, in addition to an Islamic curriculum based on the traditions of Ahlul Bayt (as), complimented by a host of enrichment hub based group activities.

Supporting Conditions

  • The availability of a wealth of educational resources and technologies that enable students wherever they are to communicate with teachers and learn online.
  • The ability to integrate the Islamic Education Program without compromising the academic foundations of the national curriculum.
  • Take advantage of the current circumstances, as most families and students have gone through the experience of online education, and have become familiarised with it.